Rehabilitation Software

The developed software allows the doctor to record specific body movements that the patient have to do. The system is responsible to analyze, evaluate and report on every move made by the patient,has been developed a metric to evaluate the movements performed. The system provides graphical replay of the movements performed, and also there is a tool for remote monitoring.


The software is divided into three parts:

1 – The doctor selects the name of the movement, inserts the number of times that must be repeated, and finally performs the movement.

2 – The patient sees the replay of the movement of the doctor and try to run it getting immediate feedback for each transaction performed.

3 – The doctor, through KinectDoctorRemote, can monitor in real time the movements of the patient

Kinect Doctor Schema

Kinect Doctor Schema


For each movement performed by the patient, the system stores and displays the replay to allow patients to compare the movement of the doctor. The movement is rated between 1 and 10. If the score is low, the patient can delete it and start again.

Rehabilitation Software Replay


The patient can compare the movement of the doctor with the data of the last movement performed to understand where to improve. The patient can change the exercise to be performed by selecting another type if present. For each movement performed, the user can also see a chart.

Rehabilitation Software Chart


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