About Me

I’m .NET Software Developer at Team Fast Delivery Vodafone Live #Reply SpA
Back- End Development , Web Service SOAP services and WCF ( .NET ),WEB API, Entity Framework
Development of Front – End .ASP ( MVC 4 ) and integration of new features into existing platforms. ( .NET FW 3.5 and 4.0 )
Development of Job multithreaded .NET for periodic management of tasks involving the interaction between web services and database ( Oracle / SQL ), billing activities.
Analysis of new projects requested by the customer .

Other experience…
Experience in developing touch interfaces and interfaces capable of running without a mouse and keyboard, with body gestures and voice commands.
Development of high-level user applications ,with graphical UI, based on C# and JAVA language.
Development of IoT, solutions on device side and Cloud side, REST / SOAP web services on Amazon Web Services.
Development of mobile applications based on Android and software development on embedded systems.
Experience in developenig orchestration services, Enterprise Service Bus.
I had the opportunity to investigate the CAN protocol on the microchip pic 18F, and I have a good experience in PLC programming(FBD-LADDER).
Great attention to research and development of new programming languages ​​and new products also in the mobile industry.
In these years of study, I had the opportunity to develop several projects following the methodology AGILE, SCRUM with great attention to deadlines and goals.
Available to adapt to the problems always looking for a coherent solution.

If you want to know more about me:

Email: barbagallosaro@hotmail.com

Twitter: @SaroBarbagallo

Linkedin: My Profile!

YouTube: My Channel!


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